Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Daughter of Apollo - Prologue

Dear reader,
Before we begin this story, I must first say that I am very glad that of all the stories out there, you have chosen this one in particular. But I will be frank with you. What you are looking at right now isn’t a mere tale. It is a retelling of a love so strong that it transcends time itself. It is a love prophesied, a love so pure and true that it melts the heart of Hades himself. It is probably the greatest of love stories out there – and believe me, I have read (perhaps even made) plenty of love stories.
The story of Isabella and Edward is the stuff of the untold legends. Very few people know of it, me being one of those informed few. So I must tell you now, dear reader, to beware of this story. Beware of what you will find out. Keep its secrets, because it is the stuff of untold legends for a reason.
Lovingly yours,

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