Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Character Analysis: Frank Stinson

Frank Stinson's first appearance in The Daughter of Apollo is when he saves her from a Minotaur (August 1997; Riverside, California). He's the one who introduces Bella to the world of monsters, gods and quests, and becomes a close friend to her growing up. He is a son of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty, meaning he has better than average good looks. Skilled and suave, Frank's character is based from Barney Stinson from the hit TV show How I Met Your Mother. (If you're a follower of that show, then you'd know why I based Frank from Barney *wink*.)

Frank, being the son of Aphrodite, has above average good looks. According to Bella, he is good looking enough to be approached by several modelling companies.

From the Story...Angela asked, "Does Frank own a sleek black Porsche?"
I sent her a baffled look. "Yes, but why are you asking?"
"And does he, by any chance, have charcoal black hair?"
"Personally I'd say it was ebony black, but sure, yes. How did you know?"
"Does he like wearing button up shirts and dress pants?"
"And Italian shoes," I added. "All the time. Why? Have you met him before?"
"Know him?" Angela gulped. "I think I just saw him." She raised her finger to point downwards towards the parking lot. And then I saw what she was seeing.
Frank, my absentee best friend, was sitting on the hood of his car, looking ill at ease as every pair of eyes in the sparsely populated parking lot (and its surrounding field) stared at him. Indeed he was dressed just as Angela described him, so he looked a few years older than his twenty years of age.
With the attentions he got from people growing up, Frank learned at an early age the perks of being handsome. While outwardly a confident ladies' man, Frank secretly harbours feelings for his best friend, Bella Swan. However, given the nature of the assignment Apollo had given him, he is careful to not jeopardise his friendship with Bella and he was sure that dating her would certainly do that.

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