Friday, December 2, 2011

Info: Two Worlds: Exposed

Universe: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Story Type: Normal
Title: Two Worlds: Exposed (sequel to Two Worlds)
Summary: When her vampire boyfriend leaves her, Bella's world came crashing down. Yasmin duties are upped and she's barely passing school. Through the tough times, who will she lean on: the rock star, or the boy next door?
Language: English
Rating: Teens
Genre(s): Romance
Main Character(s): Bella/Yasmin, Jacob, Charlie, the Cullen family

  1. Human Drinker
  2. This is Marie Speaking
  3. Hindrance
  4. Hypocrisy and Apologies
  5. Back to Hollywood
  6. Business and Flowers
  7. Out of Ice Cream
  8. That Leather Jacket
  9. Council?
  10. At First Beach
  11. Love Knows No Boundaries
  12. Death in Forks
  13. Redecorating Bella's Room
  14. E-Mails
  15. Jimmy Kimmel and Facebook
  16. The Talk
  17. Redecorator Revealed
  18. In the Cullen Mansion
  19. The Oprah Winfrey Show
  20. Meanwhile, In Alaska
  21. Meagan's Ride
  22. Cocoa, Godiva and Facebook
  23. A Christmas Party
  24. A New Year, A New Chance
  25. Cult
  26. Dinner with the Clearwaters
  27. Charlie: Part One
  28. Charlie: Part Two
  29. When Two Enemies Meet
  30. Answering Machine
  31. That Magazine Article
  32. Back to Forks
  33. I Miss You
  34. Curiosity
  35. Return to the Life of Fame
  36. Red Harley
  37. The Fundraising Party, Part I
  38. The Fundraising Party, Part II
  39. Confrontation
  40. Returning Home
  41. In Chicago
  42. A Talk With Emily
  43. Recovering From Victoria

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