Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Poll Results

As of this moment, I have seven unfinished stories spanning the Harry Potter and Twilight universes, and let's just say it's been months since I last updated any of them. I've been so overwhelmed with the responsibility that I practically had a nervous breakdown, and so I figured I should just take one story and finish that one first before moving to another one. The problem was, I had no idea which story to finish.

And so, twelve days ago I asked the general populace of the website (or at the very least those who bothered to read my work) which story they want me to concentrate on writing. The results are posted below.

According to the polls, I should be concentrating on The Power of Knowledge though I reserve the right to update the other stories whenever I feel like it. Still, with my *busy* schedule, those will be few and far in between. I'm dedicated to these stories, I just don't have the extra time to be able to commit to them! :(

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